You read many stories of how pets have changed their owner’s lives. Not only will there be a happier version of you, you will have the most loyal and loving best friend for life. Here are a few other perks of how having a fur baby will change your life forever.


You smile more.
Admit it. The minute your fur baby runs to you, your heart is happy, you are smiling and you know that precious thing has a way to secure your love fur-ever.  I experience this every day with LolaJae.  Her little tail is wagging non-stop until we embrace, and then come all the kisses. Who can resist all that love and attention?

7 ways a furbaby will change your life.

You do things you never thought you would.
You know, things like sleeping in your bed, getting on the furniture, prancing through the house with muddy paws…. Wait—I don’t know about the muddy paws, but there’s the waking you up in the middle of the night with licks to your face. I mean who could say no to that sweet baby?

You stay in a little more.
You start to feel bad when you must leave home. The way your pup looks at you melts your heart and you just want to take them everywhere—especially if you work all day. Can you imagine what it’s like to sit at home all day without your loving owner there to pet and love you whenever you want? Of course, your baby will love you no matter what, and when you do come home, their excitement is always worth it.

You learn to get over things quickly.

Like anything in life, you can’t stay mad angry fur-ever. It’s not healthy and it’s rather stressful. And with a cute fur baby, you learn to forgive and forget quickly. Get mad, clean up, hug, forgive, shower with kisses and treats. Rinse and repeat.

You move more.
According to Shape Up America, there are about 3,000 steps in 1.5 miles. A 1.5-mile walk takes about 30 minutes. So in just a half hour, you can take your dog for a nice walk (that they will love) and you can achieve 30 percent of the 10,000-step goal that has been considered the minimum standard for a healthy lifestyle. I know taking my dog for a walk is one of my favorite things to do.

7 ways a furbaby will change your life.

Your fur baby has a voice.
It’s usually not a flattering voice. “More than likely it’s a little too loud or just a bit piercing.” . People never make their dogs out to be an intellectual. Even though, as stated above, they pretty much play us like a puppet master. You are reading this in your dog’s voice right now, aren’t you?

You fall in love over and over again.
From the moment I saw my little LolaJae’s adorable face and big brown eyes, I fell in love with her. She shows me the most unconditional love and I love her to the moon and back.  What can I say? But it’s just another day in the life of LolaJae.

Written by April Rose and approved by LolaJae