I first met Elizabeth Ingram when she hired me to photograph her beloved elderly rescued Pitbull, Peyton, back in 2015. I instantly felt connected to her warm energy and after hearing her story about Peyton’s rescue, I knew she was a true dog lover. Peyton was severely abused as a young pup, until Elizabeth found her and gave her the life she truly deserved. I could sense the gratefulness in sweet Peyton’s eyes, and it was a wonderful experience to be able to photograph such a beautiful little soul. Unfortunately, earlier this year Elizabeth let me know that Peyton had crossed the rainbow bridge. I was so sad because I knew how much she meant to her, but I was honored that Elizabeth wanted me to come back and photograph her other three dogs: an adorable Basset named Murray and two sweet Black Labs named Savannah and Georgia. 
Elizabeth Ingram During our conversations, I learned that Elizabeth was moving back to England and was having a very difficult time trying to find a way to get her fur family across the ocean without putting them in the cargo hold. You see, all common carrier airlines treat pets as cargo unless they can fit in an underseat-sized carrier, then you can bring them in the cabin. But if you’ve ever met a Basset Hound or Labradors, you know they are NOT small dogs! Putting animals in cargo comes with some high risks including freezing cold or very hot temperatures, and potential extreme changes in air pressure. Elizabeth is a Holistic Pet Practitioner, so the health and safety of her pets is of utmost importance. She has been exploring all the alternatives she could think of. They could travel by ship, but apparently there is a one year waiting list! Another option would be to charter a private plane, and that costs an exorbitant amount of money. She has been in contact with Pet Jets (
www.petjets.com) who have been extremely helpful and are assisting her to find either a shared flight or an “empty leg” which can offer her a deep discount. Pet Jets gives people an option to join their Travel Club where members can post their interest in sharing a flight on a networking page which connects their travel request with other members. This seems like the best option, but it will still cost several thousand dollars.

I was personally shocked at the lack of affordable options out there for her! I’m hoping to highlight this issue and bring some attention to her personal struggle. I’d love to help her attain her dream of moving home to England with her furry family in tow! If you feel inclined, I’ve set up a fundraiser page for her at:


Thank you so much for your help, please feel free to share and get the word out for Elizabeth.


-Vicki Cox, Photographer


For more information on the Pet Jets Travel Club please visit: