Fabulous Dogs Need Fabulous Things

Ashley Daniele Carestia  | June 2016

As the days begin to get longer and hotter, shorts, skirts, and sandals have begun to make their way onto runways and sales floors. Though we are talking doggie haute couture, the spring and summer season still means it’s time for not only you, but your posh pup to thaw out and get to filling up your wardrobes with this years most essential looks for the upcoming season.


I recently attended the 2016 Global Pet Expo in March and one overarching trend that’s visible throughout many of the spring lines is designer. This can be seen in the form of “Sniffany”, Alexander Mutt-queen, and Christian Loubarkin. Of course a top best seller “Koko Chewnel”, a carryover from last year, but updated.


Bikini’s and Swim trunks are also hot for summer. The look bold, bright colors and patterns. A contrasting “bikini cover-up” makes an excellent partner for this piece, and don’t forget the doggie SPF! It’s not only a real thing, but essential just like it is to us humans.


Embellishments are everywhere this season. From beads to sequins to stitching, the patterns are inspired by a variety of designers. Lace designs, French motifs, and even just a simple trim help the most basic garment transition easily from playtime to bedtime.


Another trend that is emerging on the scene is doggie jeans. Yes, jeans and they are AMAZNIG! From large geometric shapes to small perforated openings, this trend is generally tastefully done, there may still be some who are hesitant to take on the challenge of actually putting them on your four-legged little buddy, but my suggestion is to pair this look with a chic tank or collared shirt.


A few trends that we failed to mention include bangle bracelet leashes, Tea for dogs, doggie dry shampoo, and rain coats. While perhaps not for everyone, even these fads can look great and be practical if done right. See my future how-to guides for more tips on how to find your fabulous canine’s perfect fit, how to properly measure, and why not all sizes are the same. But always remember, never force an animal to wear that new Alexander “Mutt-Queen” shirt you just got for little Fifi. The best look is the one that makes your pet feel comfortable. As Coco Chanel herself so eloquently stated, “Fashion fades; only style remains the same.” And wearing clothes that fit properly and comfortably is always in style.



About the author: Ashley Daniele Carestia is a Florida native and has been a successful fashion model since age four. She is currently signed with CLICK models and has been making headlines and covers with her new business venture, Bark Fifth Avenue LLC, a luxury dog boutique in Buckhead Atlanta. With Ashley’s strong passion for fashion and dogs, she has created a world where upscale pet owners can treat their four-legged family members to only the best in fashion, travel, and accessories.  Walking runways and dressing pets are things that Ashley has done since childhood.