There are dogs, and then there are jet-setting dogs, and no one knows it better than Bark Fifth Avenue. We are the purveyors of all things high-end pooch, which includes items for traveling well. Now more than ever, you will find products dedicated to jet-setting dogs, decorated with silk bows, lace, frills and rhinestones. This includes ultra-comfortable car seats, fashionable dog totes, portable sleeping beds, and drink bowls. Don’t forget doggie passport covers for those long international flights abroad. (Yes, we have those, too).
This edition of Atlanta Pet Life is special to us because travel is our other passion (besides dogs, of course). It’s no surprise that dogs are our family and we take them on vacation, too. We asked some of our well-traveled clients about their favorite destinations and travel habits. Here is what they had to say:

Instagram Celebrity Sparkles the Diva @sparklesthediva

My absolute must-have when traveling is a five-star hotel, and I’ll only travel first class. I prefer the beach and anywhere sunny, because I work hard for this beach body! The furthest I’ve travelled from home was one visit to Colorado, which is fine because it’s too cold there anyway. However, I looked fabulous in my winter coat.

Liv (aka Livie-Lou) @liviethemork

My Number One Must-Have when I travel is outfits and accessories, of course. #dresstobeseen My favorite place to travel has been Florida. I’m a palm trees kind of girl. I like to relax when in transit by car, plane and train, but I love to explore when I arrive at my destination. I do not leave home without the baby blanket I’ve had since the day I was born. (Lavender works wonders for my travel anxiety). The furthest I’ve been from home so far has been Scottsdale, AZ. My preferred method of travel is in a luxury purse.

Eleanor @eleanor_the_micropom

My Number One must-have when I travel is my baby playpen. It’s my little piece of home and my safe place when I get lonely. My favorite place to go when I travel is anywhere my family is. They show me the world and I get to see so much because of them. Exploring crazy things is a little difficult because I’m so small, but I never worry about it because my people hold me and take me exploring everywhere they go. When I travel I never leave home without my maple syrup. It keeps me healthy, happy and energetic. But most of all I always need my perfect tote. (Thanks Bark Fifth Avenue!) The longest distance that I have traveled? Well, I was born in South Korea and now live in Alabama. So you can say I’ve been around the world! As far as  how I travel, I only want the best. My tote, my peeps and my favorite toy.

For more travel tips and tricks be sure to follow these guys on Instagram and as always, feel free to pop in our new boutique for all your travel necessities. Bark Fifth Avenue is a “must” shopping experience for the dog with an elite and sophisticated taste in fashion. We sell exclusive designer dog clothing and high-end accessories. We provide both a retail boutique in the heart of Buckhead and an on-line site where upscale pet owners can treat their four-legged family members to only the best in fashion and accessories for home and travel. Whether it’s that extra special outfit for a dressy occasion or an everyday polo, Bark Fifth Avenue has it.
And as always, safe travels! *wags*