Meet the Davis family of PureLuxe Pet FoodClockwise L-R Alexia, Tanya, Chili, Jeremiah & Javier

Today’s pet is a modern pet with a social calendar to rival even the busiest of pawrents — full of play dates, grooming and pampering appointments, training sessions and of course, family furiendly vacays! With such an active lifestyle it’s important to have the right nutrition for the modern pet-on-the-go! APL Magazine recently sat down with the President and Founder of Atlanta – based PureLuxe Pet Food, Jeremiah Davis, to learn more about the origins of PureLuxe Pet Food, what makes them unique, and their outlook for the future.

Q: How did your passion for pets begin? How did you get your start in the pet food industry?

A: From as far back as I can remember, I’ve always had a passion for pets. Growing up in a small town in Kansas, I can remember our family fostering dogs from the local shelters throughout my childhood — from Alaskan Husky mixes to various terriers. After graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and Finance from Pittsburgh State University, I started working as an Export Director for a Natural Pet Food Company, and represented one of the top all natural pet foods in the market. I was able to learn the nutritional aspect of the production, formulation, and the processes that go into making exceptional and nutritional pet food. This experience really served as my basis into getting started in the pet nutrition business.

Q. How was PureLuxe established and what is unique about the PureLuxe experience?

A. PureLuxe was a vision that started in 2013 and came to fruition June 2017. There is much detail involved in developing a line of superior dog and cat nutrition products. It requires not only a significant investment of time and money, but also vetting and managing the ‘best in class’ pet food nutritionists who can formulate, produce, and process the pet line. In addition, it is essential to partner with a ‘best in class’ factory in North America, as this is key to the success of the brand. Being certified to ship worldwide and having some of the most strict processes and protocols in the industry has given our co-packer CJ Foods the impeccable reputation of being the best factory in North America. In short, PureLuxe Pet Food is considered ‘Elite Nutrition’ utilizing the targeted, holistic ingredients for the modern pet and parent, and is your guaranteed partner in pet nutrition.

Q. I see you use the word “modern” to describe your pet food line. What is your definition of the “modern” pet and parent as you see it?

A. Modern is a term I like to use because a modern pet is one we all have — they are pampered and treated like a four-legged child of the family. The endless supply of beds/toys/treats and even supplements we provide them — along with the mobile grooming, dog walking, and day care is certainly a testament to that! A modern pet parent is one who is reading this article right now — someone who cares to give their pet nothing but the best. They do not mind spending more money if it means having peace of mind that their dog or cat is consuming food of the highest nutrition. They want to focus on the time spent with their pet, so spending a few more bucks a month is worth knowing that someone is taking care of them from within. Not only do we have superior nutrition for ‘Citi-fied’ pets, but we prove it! Part of our story is that we have an All-IN-ONE Nutrition plus unparalleled transparency. All of our exclusive and inclusive ingredients can be found on our website at

Q. What’s next for PetLuxe Pet Food? What are your goals for the future?

A. There is much in store for the future of PetLuxe Pet Food! Domestically, Atlanta is the home base of our product and our biggest market. Currently PetLuxe Pet Food is available in the Atlanta metropolitan area through our Southeast Pet Distributor. Additionally, we are in the process of finalizing partnerships with distributors for the Southeast, Midwest, Northeast and Southwest markets which will allow us national distribution. This will provide a base to grow — however my goals are to be the number one pet food for metropolitan areas across the USA, with Atlanta leading the market! Globally, we have launched the brand in eight countries and are preparing to export to five more. Our E.A.T guarantee (Ethics, Accountability, and Transparency) ensures we will achieve this feat by continuing to partner with retailers and the like who share our same values in pet nutrition.

Q. What would you say to all those modern pets and parents who have not yet tried your product?

A. I encourage all pets and pet lovers to try PetLuxe Pet Food as we guarantee the taste, performance, and results of our product! To learn more about our our vision, our nutritional line and reseller opportunities, please visit us (and our furry foodies) at ‘Bone’ Appetite!

by Rachel L Roberts