All eyes on Addison

A well-traveled pup, Addison has stayed at some of the world’s most prestigious hotels.

Mandy Kellogg Rye’s Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Written by Nicole Letts
Photos by Kathryn McCrary

Describing Mandy Kellogg Rye as an “influencer” doesn’t do her justice. Rye is a sought-after speaker, established businesswoman, successful shop owner, skilled decorator, entertaining guru and lifestyle blogger. Since she began penning her blog, Waiting on Martha, in 2012, Rye’s 135,000+ Instagram followers have tuned in for daily inspiration ranging from fashion and food to interiors and tablescapes. But Rye acknowledges the real star of her feed is Addison, her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. “Nothing gets likes and engagement as much as dogs,” she says.

Addison is all smiles as she poses for one of Mandy Kellogg Rye’s photoshoots
Addison is all smiles as she poses for one of Mandy Kellogg Rye’s photoshoots

Addison first came onto the scene well before Instagram influencers existed. “There’s this old pet supply store in Chicago where they do puppy adoptions every once in a while, and Addy just happened to be there,” Rye recalls of the time she and her husband lived in the Windy City. “The catch was we were leaving for New York for five days, so we decided if she was there when we got back, it was meant to be. We got back, and she was still there.” Addison, named after the street where Wrigley Field sits, has been part of the family since.

Beyond being doted on by everyone, including Rye’s parents (lovingly referred to as “Grandma and Grandpa”), Addison also plays a crucial role in Rye’s content. Some of her most read posts center around her travels, and Addison is often seen exploring the world alongside her owners. “She’s been on more than 24 flights and stayed at some of the best hotels in the world. She loves flying.” Rye says most luxury resorts offer pet-friendly services, but some go above and beyond to accommodate canine companions. “At The Ritz-Carlton, Bachelor Gulch (in Colorado), she got her own bed and bowls, and they made her a treat with her name on it.”

Rye’s is a popular voice, and brands have taken notice. An emphasis on authenticity makes her accounts magnetic. “For the pet industry, there’s more opportunity than ever to work with influencers. I look for brands I’d naturally use or would want to support. I worked with Bissell, for example, for their pet hair vacuum. Bissell is a company I love, and it has a huge pet foundation where a portion of proceeds go to shelter pets.” Whether she’s seen perched on “her spot” on Rye’s sofa or found popping out of her Goyard bag, readers can to follow Addison’s adventures around Atlanta and beyond. “I don’t believe in reincarnation, but if I did, I’d want to come back as Addison Rye owned by me.”

Read more about Addison on Rye’s blog, Waiting on Martha (, or follow the duo on Instagram @waitingonmartha.