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Betsy To Old For Motherhood

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What You Need To Know on The Road To Recovery

Who Really Owns Your Pet

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Greyhounds Bring Fast Recovery

Contributed by Eda Holt It’s no secret that former racing greyhounds make wonderful companions and pets.  Since 1998, Southeastern Greyhound Adoption (SEGA) has been helping these magnificent athletes make the transition from a working environment...

Rescue Spotlight: Angels Rescue

Contributed by Cherese Cobb According to legend, God sent angels down to Earth in the form of dogs and cats with notes that say, “Don't judge. Just love.” Of course, the dogs ate their notes...

Great Health Starts with Great Nutrition

Feeding a high-quality diet can help you avoid painful and costly diseases later in your pet’s life.  Hippocrates said “Let food be thy medicine” and we view it as both preventative and curative.  Armed...

Make Every Moment Cat

I have this strange habit most mornings. I get up quite early, make my coffee, and sit in silence with the lights out, sipping and reflecting on the day ahead. It’s a time to...

Pet First Aid Awareness Month

A dog poisoned because workers forgot to close the paint bucket.  Another dog having seizures as a result of licking pesticides sprayed around the house.  A cat rushed to the veterinary ER in pain...

Amazing Atlanta Pet People

Service Animals vs Emotional Support Animals

What’s the difference and how does that affect me? By Claudine Wilkins and Jessica Rock, former prosecutors and founders of Animal Law Source. Animals play important roles in our lives as companions, and for some of...

To Shave, Or Not to Shave?

And the Answer Is….. Maybe ! The sun is shining, the humidity is building, the kids are out of school swimming in the pool, and the family dog is at the groomer being shaved.  Sounds...

The Bird Cage

Birds are messy!  Whether you have one bird or 10, big birds or small, one thing you can be sure that you have in common with every other person who shares their home with...
road trip with your dog

The Perfect Road Trip Begins at Home

Traveling with Fluffy can be an incredibly rewarding experience, or a trip you want to forget. Kolby, my German shepherd and I, have logged thousands of miles in the past nine years. When we...

Smoke Kills

Each year approximately 500,000 pets are injured or killed in house fires, home emergencies, auto accidents and natural disasters.   Why? NO information was available regarding the pets and they were overlooked or time just ran...

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